Madeira Islands

Located 750km southwest of Portugal’s mainland in close proximity to Africa, Madeira is serene sub-tropical archipelago with volcanic origin. The Islands offer an exceptional year round climate and legendary natural beauty.

Funchal is the capital city and lies on the southerly coastline, being surrounded by popular beaches and resorts. The island is abundant with picturesque towns and villages. Local culture and traditions can be sampled in the many annual festivals and in the culinary delights, the famous Madeira wine and the home-grown liqueurs.

Madeira is rich with landscapes of steep green mountains, dropping into valleys, terraced with vineyards and enchanting gardens. The Levada walks are a perfect way to view this fantastic natural sights. Several of these walks are founded through the Laurisilva Forest classified as a world heritage site.

Just a 40km boat ride away is the island of Porto Santo, once home to Christopher Columbus. Here one can find endless white beaches, warm water, tranquil atmosphere and numerous opportunities for water sports.